First Time Parents

How are you feeling? A question you are both being asked I should think quite a lot! If you’re a mum reading this you may have various questions running through your head such as what will labour be like? Will it be painful? Will I get my body back after birth? Will I cope with contractions?

If you’re a dad/birthing partner you may be thinking, what should I do whilst my partner is in labour? Will she get stressed if I’m unable to help? I’m worried about seeing her in pain but I can’t do much to stop that can I? And that may be just a list of a few!

First time parents that choose to do HypnoBirthing are usually those who wish to avoid having a birthing experience like the horror stories you’ve been told by friends or family or have seen it on TV! From a young age we are told that having a baby is painful and even not to expect much help from the partner sometimes, who wouldn’t be a bit apprehensive!

First Time Parents

So how can HypnoBirthing help you?

HypnoBirthing is a complete antenatal education programme, designed to give you the knowledge and tools you need to achieve a calmer, easier and more comfortable birth. Knowledge is power remember, and by fully preparing for the birth you can feel in control and confident that you can meet your baby for the first time the way you wish too. Feeling calm, relaxed, full of happiness, together.

Throughout the course you will learn techniques to help you feel confident, as well as working with you to eliminate any fears or worries that you have. For dads or birthing partners, we teach you how to have an active role to support your partner so that you won’t be standing on the sidelines wondering what to do!

By releasing any negative thoughts, you can look forward feeling positive and confident ready to bring your baby into the world together.

Having a baby is an amazing moment. You get one chance to meet your baby for the first time and making that a memorable experience is one thing you will want.

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