Making Friends

We all know that within a group of friends we can all fall pregnant at different times. With so many expectant mothers working we often don’t know who else is also pregnant within our neighbourhood. Sometimes we have moved to a new area away from any family support so when we become pregnant this can leave us feeling isolated and alone.


All of us at HypnoBambinos are passionate about making sure all of our expectant mums and dads make friends within our Hypnobirthing classes. Even if you decide to book a one-to-one private course with HypnoBambinos we will put you in touch with other expectant mothers who live in your area.

HypnoBambinos has an amazing network of women and couples who have made friendships that are still with them to this day. We know how important it is to all expectant parents and new parents to meet people who share similar values and beliefs about childbirth and key milestones that happen especially within the first year of your child’s life. HypnoBambinos offers all expectant and new parents to our Facebook community page where you can meet other mums and couples who have gone on one of our courses and who have also given birth.

Get in touch to find out more about how you can meet mums in your area!