Mini Collins

Hello Anne-Marie,

We thought you would like to know that mini Collins was born at 9:57 last night after what would’ve been a very difficult induction and labour if it hadn’t been for your hypno advice and guidance. Unfortunately, after vehemently resisting induction we had to go for it as the amniotic fluid had leaked away, but Sam went for the first 17 hours of Prostin and then oxytocin IV with no pain relief at all, until the lack of sleep and progression caught up and we opted for a mobile epidural. Eventually full dilation was achieved but bubba was slightly twisted so had to be  vontoused out. But, during the whole 31hrs, both Sam and bubba stayed very calm and suffered very little discomfort or pain so a very big thank you again for all your help. Although long, we both believe the hypno preparation and techniques allowed Sam to experience something a lot closer to what we hoped to achieve than we would’ve got otherwise. And mini Collins is a very chilled little baby!!!

Thank you from the post natal ward,

Sam, Ian and Baby Collins

Sam and Ian

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