Good morning Danielle,

 How are you ? I hope that you remember me, I had the hypno-birthing course at home with Gavin a few months ago.

I am finally taking the time to send you an email. I gave birth on the 25th of July to a baby boy called Alexander. Although he was 8 days late, I managed to give birth in the birthing pool at home all naturally (I was not induced and i did not have any pain relief)

 When my water broke on Sunday night at 2.00 am, I contacted the hospital and a midwife was sent to check on me and the baby, everything was o.k. The contractions started the following day around 16.30pm. At that point the midwives thought I would have to go to the William Harvey hospital on the following day to speed up the labor. Alexander was born three hours later! dsc00448

 I entered the second stage of labor around 18.30pm. The midwife (who was reluctant to come at home so early) arrived around seven. I just had the time to jump in the birth pool and the baby arrived at 19.40pm.

I am very glad that I did the course. It really helped me to stay calm from when my water broke until the second stage of labor. I used the breathing technique, the visualisations. I listened to the cds and we did the exercises with Gavin several nights per week.

I also helped me to stay calm , positive and focused.  Firstly, the hospital told me that they were full and that I would have to go to Margate or Canterbury…and secondly , the midwife refused to come at home. Although the midwife was very polite, she seemed unorganised and flustered. She didn’t bring any gas and air , didn’t give much support after Alexander  was born. I think that it stressed me seeing her being unorganised and for that reason I felt I had lost track of the breathing techniques on the second stage of labor. 

Fortunately, Gavin was amazing. I was the perfect “hypnobirth” partner! He was in control of the situation the whole time.  He stayed calmed and focused. He reassured me and assisted me with the breathing.

dsc00453I am so happy that we did the course and I would like to thank you for the time you took to visit us. The course was so interesting and I learned so much. In my opinion, it made the birth so unique and unforgettable. Without it I think I would have had a much more stressful experience.

 I cannot thank you enough and will recommend you to anyone I know who is / will expect a baby.

 I am sorry it took me so long to contact you. Those three months have just been ridiculously hectic.

 PS I have attached two photos of the birth , hope you got them.

 I wish you all the best,

Warm Regards, Nang

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