Firstly a MASSIVE thank you for all of your wisdom and motivation, a true professional. So as you know she did actually arrive six days early (despite my certainty that she would be late!).

Monday evening I experienced this burning sensation on the inside of my leg by my ankle. I knew that this was the pressure point related to the uterus, so I knew she would be with us soon. On Tuesday, early hours I had mild tummy pain, so in the morning I went for a twenty minute 6am swim and then went and got all my waxing done! hahaha! Priorities!

In the early hours it was bearable as the day went on around late afternoon, the surges were more powerful after 4pm. We waited until 10pm to start making a move to the hospital and arrived in the ward by 10.30pm. We showed them the birth plan, which they were impressed with but not easily compliant with. We had a student midwife who had to consult everything with another midwife but the student midwife was more flexible compared to her senior who was very much about protocol.

They tried to talk us into vaginal examinations and then realised we were having none of it. The senior midwife said we cannot measure how far gone you are with out one, but then wanted to send me home. So I said you must know ‘where I am at’ if you want to send me home!? She then even wanted to do a membrane sweep which really pissed me off. They left us alone for a bit but my blood pressure and keytones were low because I kept throwing up. So the next move was that they wanted to put me on a drip but then they got distracted by the fact that the baby’s heart rate was high.

They then did checks every 30 minutes or so and because it was not dropping I got moved to another ward and I was tied to a machine for the last few hours of my labour. It was awful and ridiculous because I had to stay lying on my left side which is impossible during surges, then finally my waters broke and the second stage lasted all of about twelve minutes. I am glad I didn’t wait until the second stage to go in!

The breathing really helped distract me but at the same time maintain my focus. So no drugs, no stitches but gosh we forget to keep taking the arnica pills during the labour. However, I have been taking them now and within a day I noticed the difference.

Thank you for being so dedicated to your role and to me. I will never forget the imprint you have made on our lives and I am reminded every day when I look at my happy healthy baby.

xxxxx Annie


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