My waters broke at 6.40am on Monday morning and I felt excited and knew I was having him that day. The surges started at about 7.30am. I had a very calm phone conversation with triage and they said go in as she could hear my surges were regularly 2 mins apart. I got a bit worked up getting in the car as couldn’t get comfy as surges very strong in my back. I breathed through it and Richard was great reminding me to breathe. I was 5cm by the time we got to triage so I was taken straight round to the delivery suite.


I had a very calm quiet midwife and the piano music helped. I did use gas and air which I loved! They think baby may have been back to back as I had a lot of pain in my back. They gave me water injections which is very new and works on same principle as acupuncture. They were amazing. Whole process was 8 hours from my waters breaking. They have recorded my 2nd phase of actual pushing as 6mins but I would say it was nearer to 20 mins but I was in my bubble and not communicating that my body was pushing. It was quick though and I pushed out a 10lb 10oz perfect baby boy.

My blood pressure went high but came back down afterwards no problem. The staff on postnatal when they heard the size all assumed I’d had a c section and all said they were amazed I had such a small tear and did it on just gas and air. I feel amazing and am so happy. I did beg at one point for an epidural but Richard calmly reminded me I didn’t want that and told me I could do it and refocused me on my breathing and relaxing thoughts and showed me pics of Josh to remind me why I didn’t want medical intervention.

Thank you so much for your support xxx

Helen, Kent

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