Hi Barbara, hi Danielle!

Sooorrrryyyy at first for not writing so long! I´ve always had it in mind and I´ve thought to myself “yes, I need to write the ladies soon”….

Here I am!

Fabienne is doing really well; she is now 18 weeks tomorrow. Gosh, time is flying so quickly. She has grown a lot and we feel she is no longer the “tiny baby” she´s been at birth.

Yeah well, she never has been tiny with 60 cm, I admit that.

She loves lying on her tummy so tummy time is working really well.
During the day or in the mornings I let her sleep like that as well – at night she is in her cot next to our bed and she sleeps through till 5 or
6 a.m.! She had done that from 12 weeks onwards already. She definitely is a very calm and relaxed baby, hardly ever cries – not even for feeds.
The only time she cries a little bit is when she´s really tired and after 2 mins on my breast she´ll normally be asleep! Must have been the Hypnobirthing why she´s that calm. I hear the same from the two others from our class so it has definitely worked!

Ok, in the end, I didn´t get my water birth as over a time of more than
4 hours I was still dilated only 4 cm (and that was the same when we went into hospital) but glad how it worked anyway. I´d say I remained calm and just thought, I´ll go through everything now which is helpful and needed (midwives know what they are doing!). Very much appreciate the work they are doing in Medway. 😉 I praise them a lot!
After Fabienne was out, I was bleeding for 2 hours due to my fibroid(s) and the uterus couldn´t draw back properly and all the staff have done an amazing job!

Now we enjoy each day with our little one very much! Exploring Kent with her now and showing her around on the weekends while during the week I love to go to the Children´s Centre with her for several classes (unfortunately, Postnatal Group and Baby Massage have now ended).


Speak to you soon!

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