I just wanted to send my thanks to Anne-Marie. I did hypnobirthing classes with her back in May at Kingshill and practiced my breathing and listened to my CD daily from then, as well as this I brought the music sound track that was played in the background on the CD, which I love!

I gave birth to my little boy on 1st August. I started contractions on 31st July at 6am and started listening to the music and relaxed by practicing my breathing and having about 4 baths! I went to the hospital at 11pm and was already 5cm dilated. I continued to listen to my music when at the hospital I didn’t realise It was on until the music stopped and I asked for it to be put back on.

I had the use of gas and air and pethidine, I gave birth to my little boy Frankie at 6.19am on the 1st August who weighed a massive 9lb 12oz, I had no intervention and no stitches were required.

I can honestly say that I enjoyed labour, I won’t lie and say it was painless because it did hurt, but nowhere near as bad as people made out it would, it was more like an intense pressure.

Afterwards the midwife even said that she was amazed how well the music worked for me, she said it was like I was asleep until the music stopped and I was suddenly alert until it went back on.

So thank you! Doing hypnobirthing was one of the best things I have ever done!

Lizzie, Dan, and baby Frankie x

Lizzie and Dan

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