How to start! I was having mild surges on 11.01.06 at 1.30am my waters broke… I sorted myself out and tried to go back to bed, the surges were becoming stronger so got up and sat on my gym ball and watched tv, I didn’t wake my other half, he got up at 8.30 and rang the hospital just to let them know and confirm. I wanted to stay home as long as possible, the baby’s movement slowed right down so went to the hospital at midday for them to check her heartbeat which was also good, but the consultant there was more interested in the strength of my surges and asked to examine me which I did say I would only have once when first admitted, just as well he did as I was 5cm dilated!


The nurses and midwife couldn’t believe how cool and calm I was, we got shipped off to the birthing pool, my surges were now every 1 and half mins but baby still wasn’t coming, after 28 hours we were advised we had gone to long since waters breaking and would need some help and were moved to the labour suite. I did say that I would of course take interventions if the baby or me were at risk, I agreed to an epidural and managed to get around 45 mins sleep, then they had to induce me, the whole time my babies heart beat didn’t change and everyone said I was being amazing.

After more hours of pushing Taliia still wasn’t coming and I kept saying something wasn’t right i could sense no matter how hard I pushed she wasn’t coming, (the epidural had stopped working turned out the needle was no longer in my back! So they took me to theatre where they cut me down below and Taliia was born by forceps 37 and a half hours later, the reason she wasn’t coming out without help was because her cord was wrapped around her neck twice and she was back to back, I was of course sad my birthing plan didn’t go as I dreamed and wished it but I am so glad i did Hypnobirthing… It helped me keep calm, breath easy and enjoy my pregnancy, Taliia is so chilled out and has slept all night since she was born, happy baby happy Mumma 🙂


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